Discover Your Actor Type

As a communication expert, I have come to realize that non-actors fall into types similar to the common types we see in movies and TV. So, I combined my experience as an actor, soap opera/screenwriter and communication expert and invented my own concept of "ActorTypes."

The Nine "ActorTypes" are :
Hero, Villain, Super Hero, Ingenue, Super Model, Comic, Whiz Kid, Buddy & Curmudgeon..

I invite you to take this brief quiz to discover YOUR primary ActorType. Most of us are combinations of two or more. You will get results back that indicate your primary type (the highest score) but pay attention to the other scores as well. The second and third highest are probably your secondary types. And your lowest score may indicate an area you might want to work on.

Once you identify your ActorType, I will send you a handout with tips on how to make your type work for you.
For more detailed information on how to use your type to create and deliver stellar presentations and communication, grab a copy of my book: Standing Ovation Presentations

Let’s get started!!
Answer the following nine questions as HONESTLY and OBJECTIVELY as you can. Be sure to describe how you MOST OFTEN feel, not how you wish you felt.
If you have trouble, ask a friend or colleague for their opinion!

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